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 woman doctor with woman patient  woman doctor with woman patient

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Culturelle® Probiotics is on a mission to bridge healthcare inequalities for women.

Let’s face it—healthcare is different for women. Not only are women biologically built different—they also face a difference in health equality. A scarcity of female-focused research, along with women feeling unheard and dismissed by their physicians, has created a gap in healthcare equity.

As the #1 most trusted probiotic brand in Americaφ, Culturelle Probiotics is committed to supporting women's health in every way possible. We're taking steps to Close the Gap, by championing, educating, and advocating for women.

Partnering with Doctors to Empower Women

Women often feel rushed, dismissed, and disregarded at the doctor’s office, which contributes to miscommunication. Culturelle® Probiotics recognizes that one step to helping women better advocate for their health is by building trust with their healthcare providers. To address this, we’re working with three dedicated physicians who, via social media, will offer advice for women to better navigate their doctor appointments to foster stronger, more informed relationships with their physicians.

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Dr. Sarah G. Jamison

Dr. Sarah G. Jamison is an ER Doctor based in New York City. She has been saving patients in emergency situations for over 10 years, and was named by Essence magazine as an Essential Hero for her dedication to patient-centered care. Her personable, knowledgeable videos demonstrate her ability to not only give great advice, but deliver it in an accessible way.

Dr. Sarah G. Jamison on Instagram

Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah is a doctor, nutritionist, and bestselling author based in Paradise Valley, Arizona. She has helped countless people with her guidance on gut health, offering personal consultations and meal plans designed to give people the knowledge they need to take control of their wellness.

Dr. Amy Shah on Instagram

Dr. Sasha Haddad

Dr. Sasha Haddad is a current resident at Dignity Health–Northridge Hospital Center in Northridge, California, pursuing an osteopathic medical degree at A.T. Still University. She provides down-to-earth health advice on her social platforms amid a busy residency schedule.

Dr. Sasha Haddad on Instagram

These doctors offer invaluable guidance for women to advocate for themselves and build better relationships with their physicians. Check out their videos on our Instagram page!

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Women's 4-in-1 packaging

Culturelle® Women’s 4-in-1 Protection

A Probiotic Made Just for Women

We know that women are built different. So, we built a different probiotic, specifically for women. Designed to provide complete feminine care, Culturelle® Women’s 4-in-1 Protection supports four vital systems in one daily serving: vaginal, urinary, digestive, and immune.* It combines the #1 clinically studied probiotic with the power of a blend of Lactobacilli most prevalent in a healthy vagina.††

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woman doctor wearing close the gap pin

Physicians in Solidarity

To Close the Gap around the nation, Culturelle® Probiotics is striving to build a dedicated community of physicians who are committed to closing the gap. We’ve developed pins for HCPs to wear, representing their dedication to bridging the disconnect between female patients and their physicians. Seeing a healthcare provider with a Close the Gap pin means they are advocating for the betterment of women’s healthcare.

This is Just the Beginning

Our efforts in 2023 are just the foundation. Culturelle® Probiotics will continue supporting, advocating, and offering resources to help Close the Gap. What does this mean? More female-focused research, higher visibility of this healthcare inequity, and a better understanding between women and their doctors. How long will it take to Close the Gap? That’s up to all of us.

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