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Culturelle® Back to School Family Bundle

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  • Culturelle® Immune Defense Probiotic Chewables are naturally sourced probiotics, vitamins C & D and zinc, packed into a delicious once-daily immunity supporting chew topped off with real elderberry fruit.*

  • Culturelle® Kids Immune Defense Chewables are delicious berry chewables designed to help keep kids healthy with #1 clinically studied probiotic, LGG® plus elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin D & Zinc.* For kids age 3 and up.

  • Culturelle® Baby Immune & Digestive Support Probiotic + Vitamin D Drops are made with 400 IU of Vitamin D to help build strong bones & develop a healthy immune system and contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG & BB-12® probiotics to support your baby’s immune and digestive health*
Pack size:
1-month Supply

Immune Health Starts in the Microbiome

Culturelle® Immune Defense Probiotic Chewables support your gastrointestinal microbiome, your body’s command center for overall health,* where 70% of your immune system resides.

Each serving of these super immunity chewables delivers 10 billion live CFU’s of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the world’s most clinically studied probiotic, plus elderberry, vitamins C & D and Zinc. Cultivating a culture of health inside your body.

Super Immunity Chewables from the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Brand⟐

Culturelle® Kids Immune Defense Probiotic Chewables are a tasty mixed berry flavor kids love that leverages a powerful blend containing scientifically proven probiotics along with naturally sourced elderberry, plus Vitamins D & C and Zinc.*

These super immunity chewables start with science-backed Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, which helps protect your child’s immune system by activating the power of their microbiome.* Next, mix in real elderberry fruit. Finally, these great tasting chewables deliver zinc Vitamin D and the antioxidant vitamin C to help support your child’s immune system.* So your kids won’t miss out and can enjoy whatever comes their way.

Culturelle baby immune & digestive support packaging

Build a strong foundation for your baby

More pediatricians choose Culturelle® probiotics for their own children than any other brand.🞚

Build a strong foundation for your baby with Culturelle® Baby Immune & Digestive Support Probiotic + Vitamin D Drops, from the #1 Pediatrician recommended brand±.As your baby develops, they’re being exposed to good and non-beneficial bacteria which may lead to an imbalance in their tummy. A balance of good bacteria is important to your baby’s healthy development. Developing a healthy microbiome, immune system and digestive health is important for babies.

allergy friendly

Free From

Culturelle® products are made with clean, safe and effective ingredients that are vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten-free. So, you can trust your gut daily to Culturelle®.




Tree Nuts



  1. Adults take one (1) Culturelle® Immune Defense Probiotic Chewable daily. May be chewed or swallowed as desired.
  2. Children 3-12 years take one (1) Culturelle® Kids Immune Defense Probiotic Chewable tablet at any time of day with or without food.
  3. Babies 0-12 Months take 5 drops once a day of Culturelle® Baby Immune & Digestive Support Probiotic + Vitamin D Drops. Before first use, replace cap with dropper and discard original cap. Washing of dropper in between use is not recommended. Shake before use and dispense directly into baby’s mouth, bottle or while breastfeeding.
Culturelle baby dropper bottle and adult vial


Packaged for Perfection

Some competitors claim the number of live probiotics based on when the product was made. We measure the number of live probiotics at product expiration date, guaranteeing you get the full amount per our label whenever you purchase them.

Desiccant lining absorbs moisture to protect viability of the probiotic even after you open and close it each day.

Tinted glass excludes light, moisture and air. Rice bran oil blend protects the probiotics and ensures they are evenly suspended to deliver a more consistent serving.

Exposure to the elements could compromise the viability of the probiotics.

NO NEED TO REFRIGERATE. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Colony Forming Units (CFUs) are a measure of viable (live) probiotics.

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